About MoFolders

A few words from the author

During my career, I often encountered people, with problems managing their e-mail load. The inbox is frequently used as todo list and work-in-progress, with the result, that they ever more loose control of their e-mails.

I think, one reason for this is, that most mail application doesn't make it easy for the user to structure the filing system and especially TO FILE E-MAILS in an easy manner.

I began to wonder about this...

In my workplaces, I always needed to organize my e-mails and use sometimes hundreds of directories, e.g. for external partner, that I file by name.

To open a folder quickly to look up a mail thread or to file a mail with "drag-and-drop" is quite time consuming and I click a lot for a quite simple task...

So what to do?

I use my computer very efficiently by applying shortcuts and keyboard input. I simply can achieve my target much faster. So I wrote a proof of concept in VBA to implement a fast way for the use cases "open a folder" and "move the selected mail(s) to another folder". After testing this little application I recognized a potential to help not just me, but maybe also other users, who need to manage hundreds of mails daily.

I searched the Internet for existing solutions and recognized, that some companies charge 50-100 USD for comparable solutions.

So I started to develop an add-in.

Finally, the project MoFolders was the result of this development. An small, but very useful add-in for MS Outlook®.

I haven't developed this add-in for commercial purposes. The small sum for a license will hardly compensate my days and weeks of my part-time engagement. Instead I want to achieve, that a lot of people try out MoFolders in their private and professional life. I mean, nobody is going to work in the morning to search folders or file mails.

I recommend you this add-in. The trail period is two weeks. And believe me, after only one day, you don't want to miss this app again. If you decide to purchase t a license key, then all future versions and updates are included.

Please write me, if you have feedback, suggestions for further improvements, new ideas for additional functions of bugs. With the help of your feedback, I can further improve this add-in.

Christian Kiemle.