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MoFolders amends your Microsoft Outlook® ribbon with functions, that, after a few minutes of using, you never want to miss again.

Change between folders and file your e-mail within a few seconds with a single click or - even faster - with a shortcut.

Open Outlook® folders fast and without much effort

Click "Open Folder" and search for the folder simply by entering the folder name or a part of it.

Step 1

Click on "Open Folder" and enter the name of the folder or a part of the folder name.

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Step 2

MoFolders automatically filters the list based on your input. Either only the folder names or the whole path is searched.

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Step 3

You can open the folder then simply by clicking oder hitting the return key.

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Move your e-mails or other Outlook® elements within a few seconds

E-Mails and other elements, such as meeting invitations, can be moved easily from one folder to another simply by entering the folder name or parts of the folder name. Or you use the "learning" function, with which MoFolders suggest - after a short period of learning - the appropriate folder, you may want to file the selected elements to.

If you compose a new e-mail, you can select the folder, in which the e-mail will be saved after sending.The sent e-mail will then be moved to that folder, which you specified. This may help you keep order in the "Sent" folder.


Move e-mails and other elements

Mark the e-mail or other elements, that you like to move, and select the folder the same way as described under "Open Folder".

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Suggestion function

You may use the folder suggesting function of MoFolders.

After a short period of adjustment, MoFolders is able to suggest three appropriate folders to file you message(s) into.


With one click the messages are moved to the other folder.



Keep track of all actions you have performed with MoFolders.

"Undo" you last moving action and have a look at the "Log", where all significant action are recorded during that session.


Organize your folder list for MoFolders

You can easily customize the folder search.

Choose mailboxes and (pst) files

Choose the mail boxes and mail files (.pst), you may wish to use in MoFolders.

So only relevant directories will be available for the search and suggestion functions.

Choose mailbox

Exclude folders from search

If you don't want to have certain folders in you search windows, simply deselect them. Just open "Organize Folders" and uncheck the specific directories.

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Fast access to folders using shortcuts

You may assign any shortcut to any directory. You only need to enter an abbreviation for your folder into the column "Shortcut". The folder is then always selected with priority, when you enter the shortcut.

If you mark a certain shortcut as "Fast", you even save to hit return to select the folder. The search window will automatically close as soon as you have entered the search term.

E.g. you assign the shortcut "inb" to your inbox folder and mark it as a "fast" shortcut. As soon as you enter "inb" in the search field, the inbox will be open automatically. This work also with any other directory and shortcut.


Customize your settings

Open the settings in the "Options" window. You may adjust the add-in to your needs.

Shortcuts for the most important functions

You can assign shortcuts for the most essential functions, such a opening a folder or storing a message. These shortcuts really help you to be much more efficient.


You can change the way, MoFolders searches your directories based on your search term.

MoFolders may search for exact or a fuzzy match with your search term or may only search the folder name or the complete folder path.

You can even enter multiple terms, separated by a space character.

Update folder list

Choose when and how often MoFolders is updating the list of your folders.

This may be relevant, if you add or alter a lot of directories on a regular basis.

E-mail handling

You can change some functions, how MoFolders is handling your messages, e.g. you may store messages to a specific folder after sending. Or you can reset the suggestion function, e.g. if you changed your folder structure and MoFolders shall repeat learning your filing pattern with fresh start.


As display language, currently English and German can be selected.

Stay up-to date and safe

You can check for updates easily, by clicking "Update". MoFolders will notice you then, if an update is available.

This add-in sends no data to us or any other server over the internet.
It is a fully local application and locally saved data the 256-bit encrypted.