MoFolders Add-in - Be more productive with Microsoft Outlook®

MoFolders is an Add-in for Microsoft Outlook® 2010, 2013 and 2016.

  • Your inbox is crammed with e-mails?
  • You need a lot of time to move your mails to other folders in Outlook®?
  • You need to switch between Outlook® folders quite often?

Then improve your productivity today with MoFolders!

This little add-in will save you much time and unnecessary clicking.

Take your time and learn about the functions here.

Easy Outlook® folder access

MoFolders let's you switch between folders much quicker.
With a simple search function, MoFolders will suggest possible folders to go to immediately.
You don't need to click through your folder list, instead simple enter the folder name or parts of the folder name.
If you mistype the name of the folder you are searching for - don't worry, MoFolders is error-proof.

Easily moving mails from one folder to another

No more complicated drag 'n' drop!
To move mails or other elements with MoFolders, just mark one or more elements and enter the folder name or a part of the folder name, to where they should be moved to.
MoFolders learns the way, you organize your mails and - after a short period of learning - can suggest the appropriate folders, in which you want to file your mails.

Download and try MoFolders today

Try MoFolders today, it's free for 14 days.
MoFolders will boost your effectiveness within a few minutes.

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